We Need Jason at City Hall

Defending our Community's Values


In his first term, Jason has rigourously defended the values of our community 

over the interests at City Hall.

For example:

· One of only two councillors who voted against the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit Corridor) Budget this term, costing almost $100 million per mile, saving only 5 minutes from downtown to the U of M, and at rush hour only, according to Winnipeg Transit itself. 

· One of the few councillors that voted against the opening of Portage & Main to pedestrian traffic. We’re the only Canadian city without a freeway system, so we drive thru the city center instead. We would need more busses just to make up for lost time.

· The only councillor who voted against a 1000-unit residential development at The Forks that further encroaches on parking access to Manitoba’s #1 tourist destination; Taxpayers that built it deserve parking and greenspace, too. This meeting place at the heart of our city, our history and our continent, belongs to no one or everyone, always.

· Winnipeg’s lowest-spending City Councillor from his ward allowance, on personal expenses, including personal expenses charged to the taxpayer on the city charge card, since the beginning of his term. He led Council by not charging any alcohol to the taxpayer and paid for his own business meals, saving $30K that he could have spent.

A Solid First Term Representing Our Community

The Only City Councillor to explain publicly, in the Council Chamber, how

the City is actually spending less on street renewal than four years ago.

The rate of inflation in this sector is greater than the street budget increases, but the majority of Council and Administration have resisted Jason’s attempts to act on this point.

The First City Councillor to publicly criticize the doubling of our water rate fees that go towards general revenue. 

Our water rates should go to our water and sewer system and replacing our rusting pipes, NOT BRT corridors costing $100 Million per mile, saving just 5 mins fr downtown to U of M.

The One and Only City Councillor that called the Administration to account, disproved their first two explanations, then personally solved the mystery of the missing funds, after the Administration completely lost track of the $100 000 officially reserved for the Elmwood Community Resource Centre.

The story is published in the Sept 5th edition of The Herald.  

Four Generations of Jason's family have lived in our community.


All four of Jason’s grandparents lived at one point in East Kildonan and Elmwood. His mother, Lily, lived on Hespeler Avenue as a teenager.

When Jason was born, his father, Ed Schreyer, represented the entire ward as the local Member of Parliament. While Premier of Manitoba, he represented East Kildonan, including Valley Gardens, as the MLA for Rossmere.

Jason’s wife, Sarah, was raised on Talbot Avenue where she went to school, and later lived on Kimberly Avenue.

As a child, Jason took four swimming levels at the E.K. YMCA, later taking adult education German courses at Miles Macdonell and Kildonan East Collegiates.

Jason & Sarah’s eldest son went to school at St. Gerard in East Elmwood. Their youngest son also goes to school in the ward. They currently live near the Elmwood Cemetery.

A commitment to family, work, and public service.

 Jason received the “City of Winnipeg Community Service Award”, presented by Mayor Norrie, as coordinator of Canadian Environment Week in Manitoba 1987.

From 1988 to 1992, Jason produced and hosted the trilingual political talk-show, New World, recorded at GWC Cable-TV Studio on Nairn Ave. in East Elmwood.

In 1992, Jason was campaign manager for Councillor Lillian Thomas, the election in which the Elmwood - East Kildonan Ward came into existence.

Jason spent a decade of his adult life making a living in heavy manual labour; as a roughneck on the Alberta oilrigs, in construction across Western Canada, as well as working for Abalon Foundation Specialists, fixing homes in Winnipeg.

Jason worked for years as an assistant to Jim Maloway, both as MLA for Elmwood and as Member of Parliament for Elmwood - Transcona.

Between 2011 and 2014, Jason worked as an assistant to the Minister for Infrastructure & Transportation and Emergency Measures.

Jason Schreyer Campaign Headquarters


The Jason Schreyer Campaign headquarters will be opening soon.

JasonSchreyerCampaign@gmail.com, 249 Henderson Hwy., Wpg MB,  R2L 2C8

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