Setting the Record Straight-Again-on the 'lost' ECRC Funds

Response to Letter to the Editor by Jason Schreyer, Canstar Herald, Oct. 17

In an article in the Sept. 26th edition of The Herald , (page 9)  various accusations were made regarding my Sept. 5th Herald article, about how I challenged City Hall and defended the Elmwood Community Resource Centre. 

The Sept. 26th article stated, "As Mr. Schreyer correctly points out, his predecessors fought hard to accumulate $103,000 for the ECRC." 

I did not state this. I defend Lillian Thomas, again, in stating that she, alone, over a period of seven years, had saved up the $100k.

Nonetheless, as ridiculous as this is, I've phoned Lillian, for the record here, to which she confirms, "I saved up over $100k in an official ECRC Abeyance Fund."

The Sept. 5th article also stated, "Mr. Schreyer refused to release the monies Lillian Thomas and Thomas Steen fought so hard for."

Firstly, the money that Lillian Thomas, alone, saved was gone by the time I was elected. After I pushed and prodded my investigations, for over a month, on the missing funds, which Community Services Dept. said, at one point, never existed, I finally received a letter from Andrew Poitras of the City Clerk's Office.

Clerk Poitras stated on Feb 10, 2015, “…it appears that between 2013-2014 the funding that was to be held in abeyance was expended."

This was Steen’s last year in office. I stated that he spent it, presumably, unknowingly, due to what the Administration considers a temporary change of accounting of the fund! 

Also, I did not refuse ECRC any funds.  I gave ECRC the funding they requested when I could get it.  

Records show the following: 

ECRC request of Councillor Schreyer: $62K 

Funds provided by Councillor Schreyer: $64K 

ECRC requested less because I got them a cheaper, larger, wheelchair-accessible main-floor space in an underused City building, that cost less to renovate, instead of the smaller basement of a privately-owned one. 

The rent goes back to the taxpayer.  Save! 

From Nina Condo, Exec Director ECRC, “The Board and Director are pleased and grateful for our new, larger, accessible, location in our catchment area, with parking and bus routes from both Munroe and Watt.” 

If this is further questioned...See original article.


Jason with former Councillor for Elmwood-East Kildonan Ward, Lillian Thomas, ECRC Canada Day 2018

Jason with former Councillor for Elmwood-East Kildonan Ward, Lillian Thomas, ECRC Canada Day 2018