Working For You - Not City Hall

Jason Schreyer

Elmwood-East kildonan

Works For You - Not City Hall

Fighting to Keep our Concordia ER

Since the provincial government announced the planned elimination of our Concordia ER, Jason has been working hard with Jim Maloway to give voice to residents' opposition.

Jason and Jim have been personally putting up the Keep Concordia ER signs throughout Elmwood and eas

Whether it's on the issue of replacing the obsolete Louise Bridge or to keeping our Concordia ER, Jason has been front and center in the fight.

The Fight to Replace the Louise Bridge

Jason Schreyer, as your City Councillor and before, was fighting for the replacement of the obsolete

Jason has continued the work begun by the previous City Councillor and is fighting hard to get the Louise Bridge replacement back on track. The Eastern Corridor/Louise Bridge city recommendations will be coming forward later this fall.

Community Events

Whether its pouring tea at a church fundraiser, attending Remembrance Day ceremonies at Prince Edward Legion No. 81 or Elmwood Legion No. 9, or participating in new business openings, Jason has eagerly participated.

Get involved!

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